Introducing the newest DDRdrive X1 Rev93,
increased large block write IOPS and reduced power.
I’ve deployed several DDRdrives in the field and just
wanted to let you know that these have been the single
biggest improvement to performance I have ever seen.
I’ve been pairing them with 10Gb SFP+ network back-
ends and E5 v2 Xeon processors.  My Dell based ZFS
SANs are outperforming the Oracle 7320 ZFS Appliance
by leaps and bounds with the DDRdrive X1 and for a
fraction of the cost of an Oracle ZFS Appliance.

I also wanted to thank you for the amazing personal
assistance you rendered me during the initial rollout.

Thomas Spaziani / Director, IT Architecture
Sterling Healthcare Services
Introducing the fourth generation
DDRdrive SuperCap PowerPack.
Internal chassis mounting, replaces
all external cabling and components.
Includes a full-featured temperature
logger with integrated MicroSD slot.
SuperCap PowerPack Five Year Warranty,
guaranteed maintenance-free operation.
Proud supporters of the OpenZFS Community.

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